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Have you been accused of a crime you didn’t commit and seek swift, effective justice while maintaining your dignity and rights? Perhaps you have been a victim of a crime and seek legal retribution on those who have harmed you or your family. You may have committed a crime yourself and desire the best resolution possible. Regardless of the cause or motive, we facilitate swift and appropriate justice for our clients so that they receive the best outcome under the applicable circumstances.

Handling a wide range of cases

At MEROLLA & ACCETTURO, our defense attorneys, advise clients who face a range of charges ranging from probation violations, employee theft, drug cases, DUI, OUI, and more. Often we are able to resolve these cases prior to trial so we can protect the future interests of our clients and their employment. In cases that must go to trial, our highly experienced and knowledgeable legal staff painstakingly evaluates the evidence against our clients with the goal of minimizing the damage and presenting the case in the best possible light.

We will defend you using every lawful means ensure that justice is met and that you receive the best result under the circumstances. Our attorneys take the time to fully understand your situation, consult with you on the options available, and suggest the best choice for your unique needs. That is, we will always place your best interests first and will take pro-active steps to go beyond mere representation.

A track record of success

Whatever your situation, our dedicated and experienced attorneys can help you. We have a track record of success. No criminal case is too insignificant or notorious for our criminal defense lawyers. For immediate help and to set up your free consultation call us at (401) 739-2900 and take the first step towards getting your life back on track.