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When people think of family law, they think of divorce proceedings, but family law is so much more. MEROLLA & ACCETTURO addresses divorces legal separations, child custody, child support, alimony, and asset allocation. However, we also address the issues pertaining to common law relationships, as well as civil unions and other domestic partnerships. We also address cases that concern adoption rights (e.g., same sex and foreign couples), surrogacy issues, and paternity fraud and testing.

We want to reduce the stress involved in your family law matters

We are aware of the turmoil and stress that family law issues, such as divorce, can cause our clients. Fortunately, our lawyers believe and practice the “Family Comes First” motto and work to ensure that the interests of the child or children are placed first. Moreover, our personalized approach is designed to provide you with the very best outcome possible under the circumstances

We offer effective and practical representation in this emotionally charged field.

Additionally, we want to make your case financially manageable for you. we provide a free no obligation consultation.

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