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Most individuals, families and businesses encounter landlord - tenant matters. MEROLLA & ACCETTURO has the expertise to take on all landlord - tenant matters. We can advise you on your rights and obligations as either a landlord or tenant. There are two main kinds of tenancy –commercial and residential. The rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant depend partly on the type of tenancy that is created. Every rental agreement must have certain terms, and is prohibited by law from containing certain other terms.

Things you should know:

In a residential lease, a landlord may only ask for initial payments for the first month’s rent and a security deposit to cover the cost of any damage to the rental unit beyond normal wear and tear (which may not exceed the amount of one month’s rent). A landlord must return the security deposit within a specified period. Any deposit funds used for damages must be itemized and forwarded to the tenant within a specified period. The tenant is obligated to provide a forwarding address.


An eviction can be a very time consuming and expensive experience for both the landlord and tenant. MEROLLA & ACCETTURO has the expertise to represent landlords and tenants and reach a quick and cost effective solution.

Every landlord/tenant matter has legal issues that need to be handled carefully. MEROLLA & ACCETTURO has the expertise to take on all of your real estate legal matters. Representing clients in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, our attorneys can counsel you and negotiate on your behalf, whether you are landlord or tenant, commercial or residential lease or navigating another area of real estate.

Our legal team will always provide exceptional guidance that is in your best interest. With over 100 years of combined experience, MEROLLA & ACCETTURO handles our clients’ cases with the highest degree of competence. We are fully committed to representing you in all your legal matters giving you the individual attention you deserve. Give us a call today at (401)739-2900 to learn how we can help you.